Yale Smart Latch

The Yale Smart Latch allows users to retrofit their existing Nightlatches and have complete control over how they lock and unlock their door.

The Smart Latch is compatible with most 60mm backset Nightlatches. Users can use a PIN code, key card or key tag to access their home securely.

Note: Nightlatch not included in pack

Product Features 

Say goodbye to your keys.

One Touch Control
Unlock your door with one simple tap.

Up to 20 Users
Use a mix of up to 20 PIN codes, key tags and key cards.

Easy to Fit
Get your Smart Latch up and running in no time.

Tamper Alarm
Protected by an 80db internal alarm.

Enhanced Encrypted Security
Enhanced security to prevent unauthorised access.

Battery Powered
No wires, no hassle. Easy to replace.

Battery Back-up
Never lose power and get locked out. The lock can be energised with a 9v battery from the outside.

Time Controlled User Codes
24 hour PIN code for visitors.

This product is suitable for residential applications on entry doors.
It is not suitable for entry points where the escutcheon is exposed to outdoor elements.