Auto-locking and unlocking

Schematic of Home Mode and Away Mode
Schematic of Home Mode and Away Mode
Schematic of Home Mode and Away Mode
Schematic of Home Mode and Away Mode

Open sesame, otherwise known as auto-unlock* knows when you are home and opens the lock automatically. So if your hands are full or you just want to use your telekinesis powers – you’ll love this timesaver. Close sesame, it auto-locks as well.

*Based on the settings of the lock with the kit in the Yale Access app you selected.

How does it work? 


Unlike other proximity locks, Auto-Unlock relies on a few different technologies in your phone to understand its location. Yale Access Auto-Unlock uses your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, in addition to the Yale Access app. All of these systems are managed by your phone’s operating system communicating with the Yale Access app. By doing it this way, your Yale Smart lock is able to understand the proximity of your phone with industry-leading precision and safety. So how does the Yale Access app know when to automatically unlock your door? 

The Yale Access app has two states that determine how Auto-Unlock functions: Home and Away. When you’re at home, your Yale Access app will enter Home Mode and Auto-Unlock becomes inactive. As long as you are in Home Mode, your Yale Smart lock will not unlock automatically. As soon as you leave your home, the Yale Access app will switch into Away Mode. Before switching into Away Mode, the Yale Access app waits for you to move at least 200 metres away from your home. Once the app is in Away Mode, your Yale Smart lock will wait to automatically unlock when you return home. 

As you return to within 60 metres of your home, your phone will start looking for your lock. Within 6-9 metres of your door, the Yale Access app will find your Yale Smart lock, automatically unlock the door, and return to Home Mode. No more fumbling for keys or your phone with full hands, everything happens automatically based on your proximity to the lock – think of it as your own personal doorman. 


By activating the Auto-Lock feature in your Yale Access app, your lock will automatically lock after a specified amount of time. Whether you are at home or not, you can trust that your home is sealed and secure with Auto-Lock. 

Before you enable Auto-Lock, you will need to have DoorSense™ installed and established. Once DoorSense™ is all set up, simply open your Yale Access app, navigate to “Lock Settings”, toggle the “Auto-Lock” button, and set your “Auto-Lock Timing”. This is the same settings location to manage your Auto-Unlock feature. 

Unlike Auto-Unlock, Auto-Lock is not affected by your phone’s location. Whether you are at home, or out and about, Auto-Lock seals your door to the set amount of time you choose. You can select anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes before your door will automatically lock again. Auto-Lock happens each time the door is closed, as opposed to on a regular schedule.

Technical information

 Yale Access Kit (Access Module, Connect Wi-Fi Bridge & DoorSense)

Yale Access Kit
Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge line drawing

 CE: European Electric Compliant

RCM: Australian Electrical Regulatory Compliant


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth V4.2

Dimensions 60h x 60w x 39d mm
Power 1 plug
Operating Temperature 0-40c
Operating Humidity 10-85%
Power consumption 100-240V
Finish White nylon plastic
Phone requirement iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) smartphones
Part Number Product description
YD-ACCESSKIT Yale Access Kit (Access Module, Connect Wi-Fi Bridge & DoorSense