Guest Access

 Adding a guest
Adding a guest
 Adding a guest
Adding a guest
Guest entering
Guest entering

Saying it’s under the flowerpot, is a thing of the past. Now, you can set guests’ access level and pin code from your phone. The invite to guests will be sent to their phones. It can be an invite for app only or code only or access with both.

With the Yale Access app, grant guests access for minutes, hours, days or more. Set up a recurring access or a single occurrence. Allow people you trust like dog walkers, house cleaners, or extended family let themselves in and out of your home. No more copies of keys floating out there.

Yale Access offers two access levels: Owner and Guest. A lock Owner has full access to the lock and Guests have limited access (outlined under Access Levels). Only lock Owners can invite Guests to a lock. When inviting Guests, you can customise their access level and choose to be notified when they operate your lock.

Learn how to add a guest

Adding a guest is easy, first send them an invite:

Open the Yale Access app and select the Guest Icon from the menu on the lower right of the screen.

Select Invite and then choose an invite option. Enter the guest's phone number or select them from your contact's list to invite them to use your lock.

Select Send Invite once you have added your guest and designated their access level and type. More information on access levels is available here.

Technical information

 Yale Access Kit (Access Module, Connect Wi-Fi Bridge & DoorSense™ )

Yale Access Kit
Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge line drawing

 CE: European Electric Compliant

RCM: Australian Electrical Regulatory Compliant


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth V4.2

Dimensions 60h x 60w x 39d mm
Power 1 plug
Operating Temperature 0-40c
Operating Humidity 10-85%
Power consumption 100-240V
Finish White nylon plastic
Phone requirement iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) smartphones
Part Number Product description
YD-ACCESSKIT Yale Access Kit (Access Module, Connect Wi-Fi Bridge & DoorSense™)