Configuring Homekit

Observe the following sequence when configuring your Yale Access module and HomeKit:

  1. Download the Yale Access App
  2. Install the lock on your door
  3. Install the Yale Access Module in the lock
  4. Configure the integration between HomeKit and the Yale Access App using the QR code located on the Terms and Conditions pamphlet included with your Yale Access Module
  5. Set up the lock in the Home app to complete the integration

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to set up the HomeKit unless the module is already seated in the lock, which is why the QR code is included with the Terms and Conditions in the packaging. Affix the QR code sticker from the Terms and Conditions pamphlet to your lock for future reference.

Steps to set up HomeKit for your Yale Access Lock:

Verify the proper settings are enabled on your phone

Open their Settings app (not Yale Access) and check the following:

  • At the top of the Settings app, tap your name → iCloud → Ensure Home is enabled and Keychain shows as On.
    • If you will be using HomeKit remotely (using an Apple TV, iPad, or Homepod), you need to have Two-Factor Authentication enabled. To navigate here, go back one screen and select Password & Security.
  • Tap the upper left back button (text says Apple ID) → Tap the upper left button a second time (text says Settings) → Scroll down and find Privacy → HomeKit → Ensure Yale Access is enabled.
  • Tap the upper left back button (text says Privacy) →Tap the upper left button a second time (text says Settings) → Scroll down to Yale Access→ Ensure Home Data is enabled.


Begin the HomeKit Setup

You will need to be standing next to your lock and have Bluetooth enabled.

Open the Yale Access app → Navigate to the Lock Status screen (red/green/gray circle) → Tap the Settings gear icon at the bottom right of their screen → Lock Settings → HomeKit settings → Select Enable Siri at the bottom.

Follow the In-App instructions.


HomeKit is now set up

HomeKit is now set up with your lock.  We recommend going into both your locks manufacturer's app and Home app to test the operability of your lock within Bluetooth range and remotely if you have a Home bridge paired.

  • The Home bridge is required to be within Bluetooth range of the lock for remote access.

If you have any issues, please reach out to our Customer Support Team.