How to Reset Your Yale Access Module

Factory resetting a Yale Access smart lock erases all lock settings, as well as owner- and guest-data, restoring it back to its original factory settings. A factory reset also removes the lock from any owners' or guests' keychain. A factory reset can be performed from within the Yale Access App provided you are within Bluetooth range of the host lock.

How to reset your Yale Access module

  1. Open the Yale Access App while you are in Bluetooth range of the lock
  2. Go to House Settings and select the host lock
  3. Open Lock Settings
  4. Scroll to Factory Reset
  5. Select RESET

PLEASE NOTE: The above steps reset both the module AND the lock and will erase all settings/pins. You will require a new master pin code. HomeKit is NOT reset when you factory reset the Yale Access module.


There is also an option to reset the host lock using a button located on the lock. This method of reset will reset the host lock and HomeKit. The location of the reset button differs depending on the model of host lock you have. Please see the manufacturer’s instructions for reset steps.

PLEASE NOTE: Resetting your host lock using the lock’s reset button may cause a Module Communication Error. Please see this article for steps to resolve the error.


If you moved into a new home and there is a Yale Access Smart Lock installed, you will need to factory reset the device if the device is still associated with the previous owner. Contact Support for assistance resetting the lock.