How to install Yale Access Module

Installing the Module

Step 1. Remove battery cover

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, loosen the battery cover screw. Slide the cover up and away from the lock.

Step 2. Remove a battery

Remove at least one of the batteries from your lock to power it off. Wait approximately 10 seconds for the lock to fully power down.

Step 3. Insert the module

With the Yale logo facing up, insert the module. Make sure it is properly seated in the lock.

Step 4. Replace the battery

Power up the lock by replacing any removed batteries.

Step 5. Replace the cover

Slide the battery cover down, and tighten the screw.

Step 6. Registering the Module

Follow the below steps to register your Yale Access Module with your lock.

Enter the Programming Menu on the host lock:

  1. Enter the Master PIN code on the keypad, then select the gear key
  2. Press '7', then the gear key
  3. Exit the menu by selecting the 'Previous' button (the red back arrow in the upper left corner) or wait for the menu to time out

This completes the registration process for the module. Next, set up the Yale Access lock in the Yale Access App.


Step 7. Set up your Yale Access lock in the Yale Access App

How to set up your Yale Access Lock in the Yale Access App


Step 8. Set up Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

How to set up the Connect Wi-Fi bridge with your Yale Access lock: